GlassFish Roadmap

GlassFish Community Briefing

Jessica Thornsby

Oracle have announced a community briefing on the GlassFish implementation of the Java EE 6 platform specification.

The session promises to divulge the roadmap, and
the names and licenses planned for future GlassFish releases.

The community briefing will be conducted by the GlassFish Team
at TheAquarium Online, and held on Thursday, Mar 25th,
2010 at 12.00 noon, PT. Replay and slide information will be
available after the presentation. The team are currently accepting
questions via both uStream and twitter (@glassfish.)

Following Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, there has been much

surrounding GlassFish. Founder of SpringSource and
member of the JCP, Rod Johnson, predicted that Oracle would
sideline GlassFish in order to concentrate on their own Application
Server and WebLogic. Meanwhile, Oracle’s Thomas Kurian stated that
GlassFish would continue to be supported as a Java EE reference
implementation, while WebLogic will be supported as a strategic
product for enterprise applications. In an article
published on JAXenter in February, the managing director at
GEDOPLAN GmbH in Bielefeld, Dirk Weil, theorised that Kurian could
be hinting at GlassFish serving as a community edition of

One thing is for sure: despite a series of Oracle webcasts since
the acquisition, there is still some doubt surrounding the future
of Sun’s portfolio of products – and a community briefing on one of
those products, is sure to attract attention.

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