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GitHub improves notification system

Elliot Bentley

Everyone’s favourite versioning site GitHub is rolling out lots of little tweaks to their website and email notifications.

Everyone’s favourite versioning site GitHub is rolling out a
major upgrade to their notification systems today, with lots of
little tweaks to improve the overall experience.

For starters, there’s a new “stars” system in addition to regular
“watching”, allowing you to bookmark interesting projects without
being notified about every change.

As a result, watched repositories are getting a bit noisier,
broadcasting every activity as a notification (GitHub recommend
pruning your current
now). In addition, when given push access to a project
you will automatically be made a watcher – though this can be
switched off in preferences.

Notifications themselves are changing too, moving to a more
prominent position next to the logo and threading like Gmail

Our favourite of these little changes is configuration of
notification emails, which not only allow specification of
notification type based on type of activity, but sending
notifications to different email addresses depending on the
project. This means that notifications from your work projects can
go to your work email, and your personal projects can go to your
personal email address. Smart.

We’re glad that
becoming filthy rich
hasn’t distracted GitHub from focusing on
the important little UI details of their site – though that $100m
is likely going into some big, ambitious projects too. To stay at
the top of the pile, they need to ensure GitHub is the best
possible experience for developers, and it seems – at least for now
– they realise this.

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