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GitHub delivers Releases for easy project shipping

Chris Mayer

The social coding hub has a new feature, designed to make finding the latest version of your favourite project that much easier


Social coding service GitHub has unveiled
a new workflow feature designed to make the final software package
more consistent for end users.

Available via the project repository homepage,
releases are first-class objects containing changelogs and binary
assets from the project’s entire history. Releases are accompanied
with Git tags, like other GitHub project features, and users can
decide whether to use existing tags or allow Releases to create one
for it.

Previously, GitHub allowed users to download
version archives of their project and make this available through
the Downloads Tab. However this option was
deprecated at
the end of 2012
as supporting this function caused
GitHub “
a source of great confusion and

Why GitHub have chosen to bring back this option is
, although it is more closely integrated with
Git than the site’s older version of this feature
. The
good news for the end user is that it makes it far easier to locate
the latest software release of a project, giving it to you on a

Octocat image courtesy of othree

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