Daily Roundup

GitHub Comes to Mac!

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, BIRT 3.7 with new POJO-Based Runtime.

GitHub Comes to Mac!

GitHub is now available for Mac.

GitHub for Mac is powered by the open source Chameleon port of Apple’s UIKit for iOS, the objective-git Objective-C bindings project, and the
portable C implementation of the Git core methods.

Available functionality, includes a sync button that pushes
changes to GitHub and pulls down other’s changes in one operation,
and the ability to automatically match repositories. Once users
have download GitHub for Mac, the app will automatically download
updates. Version 1.0 of GitHub for Mac can be downloaded now.


First RC of Spring Data JPA 1.0.0

The first release candidate of Spring Data JPA 1.0.0 has
been released. This release candidate improves the parameter
binding for created queries and the detection of domain class from
method return types. The repository interface programming model has
also been improved, documentation for ‘In’ and ‘NotIn’ queries has
been added and the documentation regarding Specifications usage has
been updated. Support for searching by Specification and Sort has
been added, alongside MergingPersistenceUnitManager and ‘Documented
In’ and ‘NotIn keywords.’ More information is available at the


Bug Fixes for Confluence 3.5.6

Version 3.5.6 of Confluence has been released,
with fixes for bugs, including Macros throwing errors for anonymous
users, and unique membership constraints being ignored on MySQL. An
Incorrect pdf mimetype with REST API has also been fixed. More
information on all the changes is available at the Release Notes.


BIRT 3.7 with New POJO-Based Runtime

Version 3.7 of the BIRT Eclipse-based reporting
system, is out now. This update includes a new POJO-based runtime,
and an Open Data Access Driver that provides Hadoop support. BIRT
3.7 also provides Open Office support through emitters for Open
Document Text, Presentation, and Spreadsheet formats. These three
formats are available within the designer, in the viewer or by
using the Report Engine API. The Viewer has been modified to
support native PDF drawing commands when emitting a report that
contains an SVG Chart, as introduced in BIRT 2.6.

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