'Oracle is wrong to use its patents to attack Android' say FSF

FSF Respond to Oracle Lawsuit

Jessica Thornsby

The FSF encourage the community to help them build a End Software Patents wiki.

The FSF has posted a response to the news that Oracle is suing Google,
stating that “Oracle is wrong to use its patents to attack

In the statement, the FSF present the lawsuit as a threat to the
future of Java, as programmers might decide to play it safe and
avoid Java all together, rather than risk being sued if Oracle
takes a negative view of their project. In the FSF’s opinion, the
greatest benefit of open sourcing software, is that it gives
developers free reign to experiment and combine source code, to
come up with new and exciting solutions. “Oracle is signalling to
the world that they intend to limit everyone’s ability to do this
with Java…….An aggressive infringement suit over software
patents is a clear attack against someone’s freedom to use, share,
modify, and redistribute software,” is the FSF’s bleak view of
Oracle’s actions. The FSF encourages Google to make the lawsuit a
stand against software patents.

However, the FSF do not view Google as blameless: in their
opinion, Google’s Android software is geared towards facilitating
proprietary software development on Android. If Google had built
Android on top of the IcedTea Java implementation based on Sun’s original
code, then IcedTea’s GPL licensing could have been used in Google’s
defence during the lawsuit.

The FSF is currently calling for the community to help them
collect information about prior art that could be used to attack
the patents, at the End Software Patents wiki. They envision this wiki
becoming a tool for other parties that Oracle may sue in the

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