Friday Five: TomEE logo, Neil Young’s startup and a creepy Windows 95


Got that Friday feeling? It’s certainly present in JAX Towers this week, which means it’s time for the sorta-on-topic-but-quickly-not-so Friday Five.

Got that Friday feeling? It’s certainly present in JAX Towers
this week, which means it’s time for the
sorta-on-topic-but-quickly-not-so Friday Five.

1. TomEE logo contest

Calling all artists – the Apache TomEE team need your help! The Web
Profile Java EE 6 stack has been progressing nicely over the past
year, yet the project’s never had its own identifiable logo. That’s
set to change with a contest
announced at Devoxx
. From now until December 15th, you can let
your artistic flair go wild and submit as many logos as you please.
Perhaps you want to stay true to TomEE’s Tomcat heritage or maybe
you might prefer something a bit more avant-garde.

The winner will get their design emblazoned across the TomEE
community – on the website, on TomEE shirts and on future
conference swag. If you’re creative and love TomEE, there’s no
reason not to enter. (CM)

2. Searching for a heart investment of

Legendary singer-songwriter Neil Young, at the age of 67, has
entered the wild world of venture capital, with a new music format
called ‘Pono’. He announced the venture
on the David Letterman Show
in September, showing off a
prism-shaped yellow device and boasting that it “plays back the
best sound that anyone can get”. It’s not a new format, he said,
but a hardware device that can “play anything” and “preserve”
studio-quality sound.

But will this be enough for Andreessen Horowitz et al? Does it have
the potential to disrupt the industry? Have they iterated fast
enough? Is there enough pivoting? I guess we’ll find out After The
Gold Rush. (EB)

3. Al Gore on America’s information

Over recent weeks, Reddit’s Ask Me Anything had some interesting
personalities stop by, most notably the current president. Barack
Obama’s visit also crashed the site. This week, the man who used to
be the next president of the United States,
Al Gore talked
energy, climate change and Tommy Lee Jones being
his college roommate, amongst other things.

One answer that caught our eye was this one:

Our national information infrastructure is no longer
competitive. We need to invest in more bandwidth, easier access,
and the rapid transition of our democratic institutions to the
internet. And we need to protect the freedom of the internet
against corporate control by legacy businesses that see it as a
threat, and against the obscene invasions of privacy and threats to
security from government and corporations alike. Please think about
this: almost everytime there has been a choice between
privacy/security on the one hand and convenience on the other, the
mass of folks have chosen convenience. I for one believe the
“stalker economy” on the internet is undemocratic and anti-
American. Are folks at the gag point on this yet? Thanks, btw, to
the Reddit community for fighting off Sopa and PIPA. Keep your
powder dry; more big struggles ahead.

‘Gore 2016’ comments followed soon after. (CM)

4. Surface tablet lawsuit surfaces

It’s difficult to judge how successful Microsoft’s iPad-challenging
Surface tablet has been so far, though Steve Ballmer has
downplayed the initial launch
. One particularly dissatisfied
customer is Andrew Sokolowski, a California-based lawyer who was
disappointed to find that half of the Surface’s internal 32GB is
taken up by the operating system itself.

Instead of blogging about his anger or returning the device, he has
a lawsuit
demanding that Microsoft “correct its unlawful
practices by providing consumers with notice of the true
characteristics of the Surface tablets and that Microsoft refund
profits from sales it obtained as a result of misrepresenting the
characteristics of its Surface tablets”.

A Microsoft spokeswoman told PCMag: “This lawsuit is without
merit.” (EB)

5. Tumblr of the Week: ‘Windows 95 Tips’

And finally… from contemporary Microsoft products to classic
ones: here’s a bizarre
yet hilarious tumblr
that defies further explanation.



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