Kim Dotcom strikes again

Friday 5 – Inspiring coding, MongoDB hating and Kim Dotcom’s new venture

Chris Mayer

This week’s irreverent roundup of things from the world of tech and programming. Also featuring Google’s mighty big financial slip and some JSON goodness

A busy week for the JAX editorial team. JAX
was a blast to cover and chatting to some industry
luminaries such as Doug Cutting, Tim Berglund and Martijn Verburg
was certainly a highlight for myself. You’ll see those videos soon
but today we’re feeling a bit sad that it’s all over.

Not to worry, Friday 5 will hopefully cheer us all

1. Let There Be Code

Now this is inspiring. Hat tip to Geertjan Wielenga for
notifying us of the work of the organisers behind the 2012 Blind
and Visually Impaired Computer Programming (BVIP 2012) camp at the
Washington State School for the Blind. The video highlight teachers
and students learning to write computer software using the Sodbeans
IDE, a derivative of NetBeans, and the Quorum programming language.
A fantastic initiative that we think deserves extra visibility

2. Why you hating on MongoDB?

The NoSQL battlelines have been drawn. If
recent surveys
are to be believed, two NoSQL databases have
risen to the top – 10gen’s MongoDB and Apache Cassandra (Datastax)
yet they’re not really comparable. Both have their merits and use
cases, yet we’re seeing a lot of negative blogposts about the
Here’s yet another one
from Todd Cullen in a sea of opinions
about MongoDB’s frailties and why he’s sticking to SQL for now. Do
you agree with him?

3. Megaupload over. Now just Mega

You apparently can’t keep Kim Dotcom and his band of partners
down. 2012 has been a bit of a whirlwind for the controversial
German-born entrepreneur. Still indicted by the US government and
awaiting extradition, Dotcom then dreamt up a Spotify rival Megabox
and bizarrely had time to release an album in that

His next move,
revealed to Wired
, is Mega – described “as a
unique tool that will solve the liability problems faced by cloud
storage services, enhance the privacy rights of internet users, and
provide themselves with a simple new
 Despite deleting the word upload,
omparisons to the notorious file-sharing company of
old will be made, with many claiming it’s just a reboot to get
round the lengthy list of legal issues that Megaupload fell foul
of. We shall wait to see if that’s the case, but Megabox hasn’t
appeared yet, so it could merely be a way of Dotcom staying in the
public eye.

4. Google value plummets thanks to accidental email

Always be wary of clicking send. Google’s shares were suspended
yesterday, after an unfinished email detailing their latest
quarterly results found its way to the US stock market authorities.
The email, showing Google’s poor financial performance even had
PENDING LARRY QUOTE at the top (referring to Google’s chief
executive Larry Page) showing it wasn’t ready for eyes outside of
the company. 

The impact was felt quickly, as Google’s stock fell 9% before
trading ended, knocking $20bn off the value of the search engine
giant. They’re pointing the blame at financial printer PR Donnelly
for the pre-emptive filing according to the

Guardian’s Charles Arthur
. The perils of
flotation surface again, after Facebook’s tentative opening on the
stock market. Have the tech behemoths lost their lustre or are we
reading too much into it?

5. JSON Editor Online

And finally this tool is getting a lot of attention on Reddit,
although mainly because people are discussing the merits of JSON
and it existing in the first place. A neat experiment meaning you
can view, edit and format the JSON data-interchange format. A
really nice UI, plus it’s all open source.
Check it out

That’s your lot for this week – have a good weekend!

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