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Free JBoss Community Event at JAXconf

Jessica Thornsby

To help celebrate the first ever JAXconf in the US, we are offering more community events than ever before!

To help celebrate the first ever JAXconf in the US, we are offering a full
programme of free community events that are open to conference
attendees and non-attendees alike! Find out the truth behind the
hype in Cloud Jam, hosted by Tobias Kunze-Briseño. See demos
ranging from Windows Azure, to CloudBees, Google App Engine and
more; before taking part in our free Cloud Jam Hacking Night! There
will also be a free afternoon Jenkins & Gradle Hackathon, as
part of the CI Circus event, where you can also hear a range of
talks and case studies led by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Ken Sipe, Carl
Quinn of Netflix, Tim Berglund and Matthew McCullough. For more
information on both events, or to register for CI Circus and Cloud
Jam, please visit the JAXconf website.

JAXconf will also be hosting a free JBoss Day on Tuesday June
21st. This Community Event will kick off with an afternoon crammed
with sessions on JBoss technologies, including JBoss AS 7 and a
look at the mobile web ecosystem from a Java developer’s
perspective. The afternoon event will be led by Dan Allen and Jay
Balunas, and will be followed by a JBoss Night Event, where we will
focus on Drools. The evening sessions will provide attendees will
hand’s-on experience of JBoss Drools and Drools Fusion, and the
Drools core developers will be on-hand to help attendees build
rules based applications. This is your chance to get advice
straight from the experts – don’t forget to bring your laptop!
Again, registration is free, visit the JAXconf website now to
reserve your place for all the Community
: Cloud Jam, CI Circus, and JBoss Day.

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