Simon Phipps

Former Sun Chief Open Source Officer Joins ForgeRock

Jessica Thornsby

Simon Phipps joins fully integrated, open source stack company.

Former Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems, Simon
Phipps, has announced that he is joining ForgeRock as chief
strategy officer.

ForgeRock define their mission as delivering a fully integrated
open source stack of open source middleware products.

“(ForgeRock) are a company building an enterprise integration
and identity platform using some superb code that has been set
aside in the acquisition of Sun by Oracle,” writes Simon Phipps at
his new blog. “Customers worldwide rely on OpenSSO; ForgeRock will
be offering them the option to stay with it (renamed OpenAM for
trademark reasons) rather than needing to re-architect their
systems to use a different product.”

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