FishEye 2.3 and Crucible 2.3 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Atlassian release new versions of their source code repository manager and peer code review software.

Atlassian have announced new versions of two products: FishEye
2.3 and Crucible 2.3.

FishEye offers real-time notifications of code
changes, web-based reporting, visualisation, and search and code
sharing for source code repositories.

With this release FishEye’s search query language, EyeQL, has
aggregating functionality and FishEye supports Mercurial (alpha) in
addition to the pre-existing Subversion, Perforce and Git support.
More information is available at the Release Notes.

A Starter License, supporting five repositories and ten
committers per repository, is priced at $10.

Meanwhile, this new version of peer code review software
Crucible allows developers to paste a code snippet,
access it through a URL, and comment on the snippet. Comments can
also be added to the changeset view, and freeform comments are
supported. Crucible 2.3 comes with new gadgets, including a “todo”
gadget for listing outstanding code reviews, an “Overdue Review
Gadget,” and a “Hassle Gadget” for pinpointing which reviewers
haven’t completed their reviews. More information is available at
the Release Notes.

Crucible licenses start at ten users, which is priced at

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