Hello world, GroovyFX is here

First version of GroovyFX arrives

Chris Mayer

Good news Groovy fans. You can now join in with the JavaFX action as GroovyFX v0.1 shores up, providing a library to make JavaFX applications in Groovy possible.

We’ve heard a lot about JavaFX lately and its side projects too.
Welcome another to the table - GroovyFX has landed with its first
version, now making it far easier for Groovy enthusiasts to write
JavaFX 2.0 applications.

The project’s No.2 and self-confessed ‘JavaFX junky’,
Dean Iverson
made the announcement on his blog yesterday
showcasing just some of the things that the Groovy binding can do.
Simply put, GroovyFX is an API that makes working with
JavaFX in Groovy more natural, and simplicity is certainly a thing
we all crave for. The first official release is compatible with
JavaFX 2.0.2.

The project’s website says GroovyFX focuses ‘on exploiting the
power of the Groovy Builder pattern to make JavaFX development
easier and more concise than what is possible in Java.’ By
channelling all that is good about Groovy (the DSL features being
one thing), the API eliminates boilerplate, making GroovyFX code
easier to read and write. There’s also the SceneGraphBuilder,
which supports all of the JavaFX controls, making the transition
from Java to Groovy as seamless as possible.

Iverson recommends having GroovyFX in Maven Central, so you can
use it from small test scripts to larger projects,
by including it in your build file’s

You can download GroovyFX from the website, where
you’ll also come across some great supplementary material to help
guide you through. This release represents some hard graft from the
entire GroovyFX gang, and they deserve a pat on the back for
getting the project up and running – through having a palette of
many JavaFX flavours, we think the project will grow from strength
to strength.

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