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First Stable Release for LibreOffice and JSRs Pass Votes

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, bug fixes for Redis 2.20 RC4 and GlassFish 3.0.1 Patch 2 release.

Bug Fixes for Redis 2.2.0 RC4

Version 2.2.0 RC4 of the Redis open source, advanced
key-value store has been released. This is a bug fix and minor
enhancement release, which fixes a timeout error in replication and
removes a portability issue in redis-benchmark. This RC also adds
explicit PING between master and slave, for detecting when a link
is down, even if the socket apparently remains connected. It can be

Simon Phipps Speaks Out on SouJava

Former Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems, Simon
Phipps has written about Oracle’s decision to
fill Apache’s vacated JCP EC seat
with the SouJava Brazilian
Java User group, represented by Bruno Souza. He calls this
a very astute move by Oracle” and acknowledges
that this is the best possible outcome, given the circumstances. “I
hope Bruno and SouJava will be able to use their new position of
influence to fix the broken things (like the NDA secrecy and the
ability to have FOSS-hostile licensing terms on JSRs)” he

First Stable Release for LibreOffice

The Document Foundation have announced the first stable release of
LibreOffice. Version 3.3 of the free office suite adds
functionality for importing and working with SVG files, a
“more-helpful” Navigator Tool for Writer, and document import
filters for Microsoft Works and Lotus Word Pro. It also comes with
new extensions that provide PDF import capabilities, a slide-show
presenter console and an improved report builder. More information
is available at the New Features page. According to the
announcement, there are now over 100 developers hacking
LibreOffice. “Thanks to the high number of new contributors having
been attracted into the project, the source code is quickly
undergoing a major clean-up to provide a better foundation for
future development of LibreOffice,” reads the announcement.

Second Commercial Patch for GlassFish

GlassFish 3.0.1 Patch 2 (or GlassFish,
if you prefer) has been released as part of Oracle’s Commercial
GlassFish offering. This patch fixes seven bugs, listed at the
announcement. The first patch has been
withdrawn due to package information incompatibility.

LLVM Plugin for Eclipse CDT

Version 0.2.0 of the LLVM
plugin for Eclipse CDT
has been released. This plugin compiles
C/C++ program code with the LLVM toolchain, and comes with an
assembler, archiver, linker, compilers Clang and llvm-gcc. The CDT
Internal builder and GNU make builder work in co-operation with
LLVM toolchain. The plugin can be downloaded from Google Code

JPA 2.1 and JAX-RS 2.0 JSRs Pass Vote

The JPA 2.1 and JAX-RS 2.0 JSRs have passed the voting process, both with eleven notes in their
favour and zero ‘no’ votes, with two EC members declining to vote.
Both IBM and VMware made it clear that they were voting for
based on its “technical merits” and not its licensing
terms, a fact which IBM reiterated when voting for JSR
. The expert groups are currently forming.

Over 1,000 Fixes for HBase Hadoop Database

Version 0.90.0 of the HBase Hadoop database has been announced, with over 1,000 issues closed since
0.20.0. Bloom filters and inter-cluster/inter-DB replication have
been added, and bul loading has been improved. For more information
on the numerous fixes, please see the What’s New in HBase 0.90
slide presentation.

Plugin for Eclipse Developers Working with CSV

Version 1.0.1 of the csvedit Eclipse plugin CSV Editor has been released.
This plugin is aimed at developers using Eclipse as an IDE to work
with CSV files. Planned functionality includes customising view
with filtering column, sorting columns, and the ability to
insert/delete rows. Version 1.0.1 can be downloaded from the Google
Code website now.

DBSight J2EE Search Platform 4.1.1 Released

Version 4.1.1 of the DBSight J2EE search
platform has been released. This version adds an option for
disabling narrowBy(facet) search, and automatically supports JSON
callback by setting the content type and encoding to JSON data.
DBSight offers hierarchical facet search, and single-valued facets,
multi-valued facets and range facets search.

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