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First RC of JDK7 Arrives!

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Apache CODI reaches 2.0.0.

First RC of JDK7 Arrives!

The first release candidate of JDK7 has been announced!
This addresses some showstopper bugs, including a JIT correctness
bug, and a number of hard VM crashes. If no more critical issues
are reported, and pending the approval of JSR 336 and the component
JSRs in their Final Approval Ballots in the JCP, this release
candidate will become the GA build, to be released later this


Major Rewrites for Apache Commons Digester

Apache Commons Digester version 3.0 has been released.
The original Digester implementation has been rewritten, adding a
new architecture to load modules and allow users to write and
include their own extensions, and the ability to express Rules via
EDSL. The errors reporting has also been improved, in an effort to
make rules binding debug operations easier. An errors list of wrong
bindings is now reported when the loader attempts to create a new
Digester instance, whereas previously this was reported when the
new Digester instance was running. More information is available at
the Release Notes.

Apache Commons Digester allows users to configure an XML to Java
object mapping module. This triggers ‘rules’ actions whenever a
particular pattern of nested XML elements is recognised.


Apache MyFaces ‘CODI’ Reaches 1.0.0

The fifth release of Apache
MyFaces Extensions CDI (aka CODI)
has been announced. CODI
1.0.0 adds dependency injection support for ExceptionHandler, and
an optional property file based configuration. ViewExpiredException
should now be displayed by the DefaultErrorView, and
‘messageContext’ is supported in el-expressions. More information
is available at the Release Notes.

CODI is a modularised toolbox for CDI-based applications, that
provides portable CDI extensions for the Java platform.


WaveMaker 6.3.2 Released Under Apache 2.0

WaveMaker 6.3.2 is now GA! WaveMaker 6.3.2
improves the Palette, Model, and Services set of tabs, and active
tabs are now available for each service in the project. There is
also project-wide save functionality, properties to increase the
canvas size, and drag and drop functionality for widgets within the
model tree. Beginning with this release, the WaveMaker source code
will be licensed under the Apache license 2.0. More information on
the changes, is available at the Release Notes.

The WaveMaker graphical was acquired
by VMware
earlier this year.

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