Spring 3.0.5-Based

First RC for Spring Integration 2.0

Jessica Thornsby

Spring Integration 2.0 RC1 with new Channel Adapters and Messaging Gateways.

The first release candidate of Spring Integration
2.0 has been announced. This release builds on Spring version
3.0.5, and SpEL expressions can be used in a range of elements of
the Spring Integration core, including the transformer, router,
filter, and splitter. Spring Integration 1.0 comes with its own
implementation of a TaskScheduler, in addition to both interval and
cron-based Trigger implementations. Users also have the option of
providing a custom implementation of Spring’s Trigger interface,
and using the ‘trigger’ attribute as a reference instead. The
outbound HTTP adapters delegate to Spring’s RestTemplate when it
comes to executing the HTTP request and handling its response, and
a header is added to each Message to enable Message History within
the Application Context.

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