Intelligent IDEs are the future

First public version of Eclipse Code Recommenders 0.5 is here!

Chris Mayer

Eclipse’s latest project aims to help developers pick up new APIs with minimal hassle

After months of stewing in the incubator, the Eclipse Foundation
welcomes its newest member officially.
Eclipse Code Recommenders 0.5
is here, aiming to add some
artificial intelligence to your IDE.

The mission statement for this new project is one any developer
can get behind. There’s probably been many a time in your career
that you’ve had to pick up the abilities of a new API in
double-quick time, but have had problems make it efficient for your
project. Eclipse Code Reccommenders offers support for developers
to learn correct API usages or valuable API usage
patterns by analyzing example code and then re-integrates this
regained knowledge back into your IDE. It does this through
intelligent code completion, extended javadocs, smart bug
detectors, stacktrace search engines and other methods, saving you
valuable time training yourself to taming the API to your

Several changes have been made this time round for the
official release, mainly as the team outgrew their naming scheme.
The biggest change is that Recommenders no longer relies on project
builders and now analyses the all compilation units
on-the-fly whenever code completion is triggered, meaning you can
use it in any project without changing any project configuration
file. A big leap but note only Eclipse APIs like JFace,
SWT, JDT and Workbench are supported.

Other important steps have been made such as
the completion engine now being solely reliant on JDT and a new
chain completion engine. There’s also several improvements made to

The team are also looking to the future with plans to include
official code-search support, which they demonstrate within the
announcement. Take a glimpse, it’s impressive!

We’re really excited about this revolutionary addition to the
Eclipse community and look forward to seeing it thrive.

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