The state of New Jersey is looking fine

First milestone of next Jersey shores up

Chris Mayer

The newest version of Glassfish’s open source JAX-RS (JSR 311) Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services is here. And it’s brand spanking new.

The maillot jaune signifies the overall leader in the
Tour De France and it appears that Oracle’s selection of the
synonymous yellow jersey for, well Project Jersey, seems a good

The first milestone appeared for the latest version of
the open source JAX-RS (JSR
311) Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services,
and there’s been some heavy grafting for the project. Principal
Software Engineer at Oracle, and spec lead for Java EE
revealed that this version of Jersey was “based
on a completely new code base, fresh core design and implementing
the upcoming JAX-RS 2.0 API.”

So apart from starting from scratch, what else is new to
the Jersey 2 code? Potociar revealed some nifty tricks of the code,
such as being ‘injection enabled’ so it is written to leverage the
injection capabilities as well as providing user level

There’s also a new asynchronous internal request
processing API and the
 ability to programmatically
define JAX-RS resources with the programmatic
server-side API javadoc
. Due to advancements with JAX-RS, the
team are abandoning and deprecating the Jersey 1.x for the standard
JAX-RS Client API. They also promise that one of the main goals of
Jersey 2 is to bring more pluggability and flexibility into
the test framework API.

For a rather more in-depth view of Jersey 2, the documentation
tells you all that’s new about it. But note that this is an early
stage preview of what is to come. With the JAX-RS
early draft review
ongoing, we hope that nothing monumental
changes, and it probably won’t due to the team being heavily
involved in both.

From what Potociar has shown us so far, the state of new Jersey
looks good, and that can only be good for JSR 339.

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