Daily Roundup – Apache Edition

First Milestone of New Apache James Server 3.0

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, plenty of bug fixes for Jackrabbit fans.

Apache POI 3.7 Extends Support

Apache POI version 3.7 has been announced. Apache POI is a Java
library for working with Microsoft Office documents. With this
release, POI supports reading aes-encrypted/write-protected ooxml
files, and Java 1.5 in auto-generated xmlbeans for ooxml schemas.
There is also early support for autofilters, and for themes for
ooxml format. Border codes in HWPF, processing of symbols in HWPF
and sections in Word 6 and Word 95 files, are all now

First Milestone of New Apache James Server

The first milestone of Apache James Server 3.0 has been
released. Apache James Server is a pure Java enterprise mail server
that also serves as a mail application platform. It supports the
SMTP/LMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols. This milestone features full
IMAP support and fastfail support, and improved mailing list
capabilities. It can be downloaded now.

Apache Tomcat Connectors 1.2.31 Moves Maintain

The Apache Tomcat team have released Apache Tomcat Connectors
version 1.2.31 stable. In this release, the
maintain workers have been moved outside the critical section,
which will allow other threads to use the connection pool during
maintenance. Apache 2.3/2.4 is now supported, in addition to a list
of bug fixes.

Bug Fixes All Round for Apache Jackrabbit

Apache Jackrabbit 2.0.3 and Apache Jackrabbit 2.1.2 are out now.
Both are bug fix releases. Version 2.0.3 is fully compatible with
the earlier 2.0.x releases, and 2.1.2 is fully compatible with the
earlier 2.1.x releases. Please see the issue
for more information on the relevant bug fixes.

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