Daily Roundup

First Milestone of JDT 3.7 and Apache Nutch 1.2 RC1

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Metawidget 0.99 gets Mnemonics support in Swing and FakeReplace support, and a new release for Pinky Scala REST/MVC web framework.

Pinky 1.4 Gets Akka Job Scheduler

Pinky version 1.4 is out now.

Pinky is a Scala REST/MVC web framework. It is built on top of
Guice and Guice Servlet 2.0. It comes with Akka integration and a
scheduler for Akka jobs. It supports XML, JSON, RSS 2.0, and

This version migrates to Scala 2.8 and Akka 0.9.1, and aims to
simplify SBT setup for Pinky template. It also features a new
servlet DSL and bug fixes.

Confluence 3.4 M2 Bundled with UPM

Confluence 3.4 Milestone 2 is now available.

Confluence 3.4 M2 is now bundled with Universal Plugin Manager
(UPM), which allows users to view and manage the plugins installed
in Confluence. User macros are now available in the Macro Browser,
and Confluence administrators and user macro developers can now
enter macro and parameter meta-data via the admin console. There
are also some bug fixes.

Metawidget 0.99 Features Mnemonics Support in

Metawidget 0.99 is out now.

Metawidget is UI widget that, at runtime, populates itself with
UI components to match the Properties of the business objects. It
achieves this by inspecting existing back-end architecture and
creating widgets native to the existing front-end framework.

This release introduces Mnemonics support in Swing and
FakeReplace support.

Please note that the Metawidget team report some “minor”
breaking changes with this release, compared to the 0.95

First JDT 3.7 Milestone

The first milestone release of JDT 3.7 is out

With JDT 3.7 M1, you can filter preferences on the ‘Java >
Compiler > Errors/Warnings’ page by either preference label text
or by preference value, and there is a new Open Hyperlink command
that opens one or more hyperlinks at the current caret location.
The Cocoa port now supports the SWT.TOOL style bit.

Grizzly Deployer 1.9.19 With Websockets

Grizzly Deployer version 1.9.19 has been released with
websockets support.

Also new for Grizzle Deployer, is a watch folder, and
functionality for starting without applications to deploy.

Grizzly Deployer is a bundle of Grizzly project that act as a
web container.

First RC for Apache Nutch

Apache Nutch 1.2 RC1 is now available.

This release adds parse-html back and a timeout for Parser.
Nutch 1.2 RC1 also gets Segment merge filering based on segment
content, and can generate log output for Solr indexer and dedup.
Timing information has been added to all Tool classes.

New Bridge Method Injector Project

Bridge Method Injector is a new project that adds
annotations for evolving classes without breaking backward

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