Security issues patched up

First major update for Java 7


Important security patch for Java 7

The latest version of Java gets its first significany update
which mainly constitutes of security patches for across the range
of Java products (JDK, Runtime Environment and so on). This
critical patch corrects 20 security issues in total.

The vulnerabilities are to be found in update versions 27 and
below, so if you are on one of these then you will need to get the
update. If you’re not sure then go here to check, and
for more indepth information check the risk matrix which outlines
the affected components and attack vectors.

As well as the security fixes, some minor bugs have been
squashed too such as Olson time zone data which is now updated
to 2011g and Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client and Microsoft UAG
Clients were added to the

Release notes can be found

As always, downloads links can be
found here:

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