JBoss Tools 3.2 Second Milestone

First Look at Delta Cloud Tooling with JBoss Tools 3.2 M2

The second milestone of JBoss Tools 3.2 is now available.

JBoss Tools 3.2 M2 introduces a new usage plugin for gathering anonymous usage statistics for JBoss Tools usage and support for exporting Hibernate Code Generation Configuration to an Ant build file. A new JSF 2.0 kick start project template has been added to New JSF Project Wizard, alongside new non-template Facelets page and new RichFaces templates to New XHTML Page Wizard. "Import" and "Export" buttons have been added to the VPE Preference Pages and the first version of docbook editor has been added to JBoss Tools. This milestone includes the first public version of Delta Cloud's tooling.

Jessica Thornsby

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