One step closer for modularity

First Java 8 Project Jigsaw Preview Builds now available

Chris Mayer

Developers can now start to piece together what Project Jigsaw is all about, thanks to this early peek at the new modularised system for Java SE 8

Great news for those avidly awaiting Java 8 – the preview builds
for Project Jigsaw have emerged, giving developers a glimpse into
the module system for JDK 8.

has been mooted for some time, to replace Java’s old
monolithic approach with a brand new truly
standard module system. This would then be designed and
implemented into to the Platform and JDK to 
make the
Java compiler module aware. Some have claimed that this is the
biggest shift in the platform since Java 5’s introduction of

Oracle have released the preview builds on, allowing developers to
take a look at the prototype before it appears fully in the future,
without actually building it themselves. The preview builds come in
two types - “JDK modules image” which is almost exactly
the same as the current JDK download except in modularised form,
and a ready-to-assemble JDK. The choice is yours.

Currently, there’s no Mac OS X download and the Solaris download
only comes with 32-bit binaries, but we can expect this to be
amended at a later date. As you’d expect with something so early,
there’s going to be a lot of bugs and issues – notably the crypto
doesn’t work properly yet – but it’s at least a start towards
seeing something more substantial.

Why not check out the QuickStart
to give you a boost into using Project Jigsaw? Thanks to
the Oracle Release Engineering Team for giving us the opportunity
to finally give the new module system a testdrive.

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