Don't let the bugs bite

FindBugs 2.0 finally released after delays

Chris Mayer

Communal cloud allows developers to store issue evaluations easily

The latest version of the popular debugging tool FindBugs 2.0
has finally arrived after several technical issues delayed the
release. But the wait could well be worth it, as the team behind
FindBugs promise improved accuracy and performance to exterminate
those pesky bugs.

A revolutionary and convenient cloud based mechanism (dubbed the
) allows users to share and store troubleshooting issues
within a public cloud, which is a marked improvement certainly to
the thriving community behind FindBugs. User can also set up their
own private cloud to deal with any issues behind closed doors, so
to speak.

A new bug grading system has been introduced as well. Bugs are
ranked between 1-20, with the categories scariest
(1-4),  scary (5-9), troubling (10-14), and of
concern (15-20) making it easy to distinguish which bug is rife
within the build and needs the most attention.

The team also promise that FindBugs will update automatically to
check for new release from now on and has a raft of customisable
cloud and
bug filling plugins
that can now be applied. An
improved performance and support for Guava and JSR 305 (Annotations
for Software Defect Detection) completes the release.

If you’re doubting whether to upgrade, the team say that
there is a 9% performance improvement from 1.3.9 to 2.0 from their
testing. FindBugs is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License
and available to download from the project site. You can run
FindBugs via Eclipse, Maven, NetBeans, Hudson, IntelliJ so plenty
of choice there – get hunting!

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