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Finally a cure for those Java hiccups – jHiccup

Chris Mayer

New tool from Azul Systems identifies JRE stalls

There’s hardly anything as irritating as pauses and stalls
bringing runtime down to a sluggish pace. But fortunately, the high
scalability JVM expert Azul Systems has brought out a tool to keep
tabs on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) within an enterprise

The open source test tool, jHiccup does
exactly what it says on the tin – it measures the pauses and stalls
(this is where ‘hiccup’ comes from) and allows developers to create
and analyse response time profiles from graphs created by the tool.
Crucially jHiccup identifies whether the delay within the
application is down to the code or a problem with the JRE

jHiccup shows graphically via ‘Hiccup
Charts’ just how responsive the runtime platform really is. By
understanding the pauses associated with the underlying platform,
IT organizations can better isolate latency and delays and the
contributing components.

If there was any period of the year
when enterprises need to avoid the pitfalls of hiccups in
performance, then it’s now, as the last minute shopping comes into
play. Through jHiccup, enterprises can theoretically combat any JRE
problems effectively and rapidly. Even better news is that is
compatible with any JVM.

jHiccup is available to download for
free from the Azul Systems website – and with the ingenious name,
you’d be foolish to not want to cure your enterprise hiccups

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