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FeatureIDE - A novel approach to developing software - Part 4



FeatureIDE is being developed as an academic open source tool. It supports developing software variants in different programming languages like Java, C, C++, C#, Haskell, XML or JavaCC. The technique presented in this article is called feature-oriented programming. FeatureIDE also allows the usage of other approaches based on pre-processors (Antenna, Munge), aspect-oriented programming (AspectJ), and delta-oriented programming (DeltaJ). FeatureIDE is constantly being extended and improved to ease the development of software variants.


With FeatureIDE it is possible to create software variants efficiently. Its seamless integration into the development environment Eclipse makes it easy to start developing. Whether you want to manage only a few variants of your software product or a large-scale software product line – there is not much to learn to start with FeatureIDE. Many interesting example projects and a cheat sheet are included to assist you with the first steps. FeatureIDE is available as an open source Eclipse plug-in over the Eclipse Marketplace or the featureIDE website

Fabian Benduhn and Thomas Thüm

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