Eclipse EMF Facet

Extending EMF Tools with Proposed EMF Facet

Jessica Thornsby

New Eclipse project will provide a dynamic extension mechanism for Eclipse Modeling Framework tools.

The EMF Facet component has been submitted as a new
Eclipse project under the umbrella of the Eclipse Modeling
Framework Technology (EMFT) project. The EMFT provides a unified
set of modeling frameworks, tooling, and standards implementations
for the model-based development technologies within the Eclipse

Tools based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) use Ecore as
a common standard, but extending the data structure used by an EMF
tool usually requires altering its source code. The proposed EMF
Facet would provide a dynamic extension mechanism for EMF tools,
through new ‘facets,’ or viewpoints, on their underlying data. This
should enable the extension of existing EMF tools without needing
to change the source code.

The project proposal suggests various extension mechanisms.
These include new types, attributes, operations and relations; and
computing an extension by executing queries against an existing
model. It is planned that EMF Facet will provide a dynamic
customisation mechanism, meaning that different viewpoints can be
interpreted and dynamically applied without needing to restart the

The initial code contribution will come from the MoDisco
. More information is available at the project

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