Websites and Products Launched at JAX London

Exciting Announcements at JAX London 2011

Jessica Thornsby

Adobe make an iOS-related announcement, and InterSystems launch Globals at JAX London.

This week saw the third instalment of the JAX conference series in
, and in addition to the full programme of sessions,
tutorials, speakers panels and a free Community Night, the
conference saw a whole host of exciting announcements. InterSystems
launched their new Globals database product at JAX London, and
revealed a competition with a cash prize, for developers building
applications on Globals. InterSystems Software Architect and Java
Produce Manger, Iran Hutchinson, was available throughout the
conference, giving demonstrations and answering attendees’
questions on InterSystems’ new database product.

John Stevenson introduced the new site, and the keynotes saw plenty of
announcements too, with Adobe’s Michaël Chaize revealing that

Flex will support iOS
, during his ‘One backend, multiple
screens: architecting user experiences’ keynote. Chaize then went
on to give a live demo of the same application running on an iPad,
iPhone and Android phone. Flash Builder 4.5 will ship in May, 2011,
with an update in June enabling building AIR-based Flex
applications atop Apple iOS.

Finally, SpringSource fans were treated to some cutting-edge
info, as SpringSource CTO Adrian Colyer took the opportunity to
discuss the new Cloud Forge PaaS, which was officially announced
the night before. His ‘Enterprise Applications in 2011: Challenges
in Development and Deployment, and Spring’s response’ keynote
covered the evolving needs of enterprise application development,
as social media, cloud, PaaS and the new range of internet enabled
devices present enterprise application developers with a host of
fresh challenges. For more information on the new Cloud Forge
platform, be sure to check out our video
interview with Adrian Colyer

Thank you to everyone who attended, tweeted and blogged about
JAX London! And be sure to follow @jaxlondon
for all the latest news on the conference!

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