James Gosling Praises PaaS Platform

Ex-Sun Employees and CumuLogic Launch PaaS Beta

Jessica Thornsby

A beta with support for VMware vSphere, Cloud.com’s Cloudstack and Eucalyptus is now available.

whose Technical Advisory Board consists of ex-Sun Microsystems
employees, including James Gosling, commonly referred to as the
“father of Java,” and former CIO Bill Vass, have announced that the
CumuLogic PaaS controller for private clouds is now available. This
beta supports IaaS clouds like VMware vSphere, Cloud.com’s
Cloudstack and Eucalyptus, with support for OpenStack planned for
the next release.

CumuLogic provides solutions for building and managing
Platform-as-a-Service on public, private and hybrid clouds.
Speaking about the platform, James Gosling said:

“Today’s clouds are complex and all different. There is almost
no interoperability between cloud provider and between public and
private clouds. I’m enthusiastic about CumuLogic’s PaaS cloud
management solution as it utilizes the higher levels of abstraction
inherent in the PaaS model to reduce the complexity of cloud
management, provides targeted facilities for both developers and
management, and erases the distinctions between the various clouds
enabling transparent interoperability.”

Developers can sign up for the beta now.

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