Internet of Things gets Cloud

Eurotech easing ‘Internet of Things’ with release of M2M Everyware Cloud 2.0

Chris Mayer

Machine-to-machine technology is picking up pace from initial ideas, with Eurotech release Everyware Cloud to handle M2M enterprise data

Italian embedded technology specialist Eurotech have launched a
new machine-to-machine (M2M) cloud platform, designed to deliver
and manage M2M data across the enterprise world.

Eurotech, who already play a big role within Eclipse’s M2M
Industry Working Group hope the arrival of the Everyware Cloud
platform will facilitate growth within the burgeoning field
even further. Just recently, the M2M working group
chronicled their progress
after six months at the table – with
companies like Eurotech, IBM and Sierra Wireless at the forefront
of new projects Paho and Koneki.

The Everyware Cloud claims to offer ‘proven cloud, M2M and
Internet of Things (IoT) technologies’ for clients to reach some of
the loftiest business goals in their respective fields. Eurotech
claim it is based on open sourced tools and standards, meaning a
painless linkup to your normal cloud setup through a simple API,
but only if you use their own ESF framework. Once that’s done, you
can access on-the-fly M2M device data analysis and correlation
without the need for costly overhead to setup the structure.

The data accrued can be stored up to 36 months in the cloud,
incredibly useful for managing data over a prolonged period and the
database is schema-less, adding further flexibility in what format
you use to store it. Eurotech likely did this to attract a wider
range of customers.

“The intersection of three disciplines, device development
tools, cloud services, and network infrastructure, creates an
opportunity for real smart systems innovation by combining device
communication infrastructure with cloud services,” explained Glen
Allmendinger, Principal at Harbor Research. “Managed application
software and services, like the Eurotech Everyware Cloud 2.0, will
help bridge gaps in today’s systems and drive new value across many
vertical industries.” 

“Enterprises need information to make better business
decisions, reduce operating costs, and enable new services. With
Everyware Cloud 2.0, now they have a platform to gather real-world
data on demand and leverage it for their benefit,” said Marco
Carrer, Vice President Software Engineering, Eurotech. “Eurotech’s
new Everyware Cloud goes beyond the general benefits of cloud
computing to collect, transport, store and analyze data from the
field. The new solution will allow customers to act on their data
in the most powerful, efficient way possible.” 

IoT certainly seems to picking up steam at the moment, with many
expecting it to become the standard for smart device connectivity.
This isn’t for everyone and it would be ludicrous to suggest that a
universal M2M cloud would become available right away, but it’s a
pretty nice start.

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