New Visual Studio Lab Lead

Erich Gamma Joins Microsoft

Jessica Thornsby

‘Design Pattern’s author to lead new Visual Studio development lab in Switzerland.

Erich Gamma will be joining the Visual Studio team as a
Microsoft Distinguished Engineer. According to the announcement, Gamma will lead a new Visual
Studio development lab in Zurich, Switzerland, and will join the
lab in early August.

Gamma has a long list of achievements in the Java ecosystem: he
co-authored the ‘Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable
Object-Oriented Software’ book, which has reportedly over one
million copies in print, was lead of the Eclipse platform’s Java
Development Tools project, developed the JUnit unit test framework
with Kent Beck, and was an initial member of the IBM Rational Jazz
project and the technical lead of Rational Team Concert. He has
also sat on the Project Management Committee for the Eclipse
project, and masterminded The Eclipse Way alongside John Wiegand
and Kevin Haaland.

“The Visual Studio team is passionate about inspiring developers
to create great software. We want to make developers successful and
enable them to continuously deliver value. We are constantly
looking for better ways to accomplish these goals. I’m very excited
to have someone like Erich who shares our passion join the team.
Please join me in welcoming Erich to the Visual Studio team!” said
Jason Zander, Corporate VP for Visual Studio.

It is currently unclear what projects Gamma will work on, and
nothing has been said on why he is leaving IBM.

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