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Enterprises taking baby steps on cloud

A new survey reveals three 'very important' conditions enterprises need to embrace the cloud. 

* Support for their existing in-house IT architecture, including unmodified operating systems, applications and network topology (71 percent)

* An all-inclusive business model that includes servers, bandwidth and storage, rather than a 'nickel-and-diming' approach (57 percent)

 * 'Point and click' level of ease of use (54 percent)

The survey conducted by CloudShare covered 2,500 enterprises. It concludes that these three conditions matter the most for enterprises, and even outweigh their security scare.

The findings hint that cloud is steadily shifting from being a futuristic idea to a practical consideration for enterprises. Enterprises are no longer just toying with the idea of the cloud. They are taking the first baby steps into the new architecture.

The three  'very important' conditions identified above are the typical concerns enterprises show when they try a new IT system.

As they start dabbling with the cloud, enterprises are asking for solutions, which are holistic, not piece meal, and which do not disrupt but ensure some continuity with existing IT operations. These are the conditions any sensible CIO would make while considering a radical architectural shift. 

So, where does that leave the security question? Far from dissolving, security concerns remain a live wire. But enterprises probably consider the security risk manageable as most of them don't plan to put any mission critical application on the cloud at the moment. 

Another survey, just released by ISACA, reports two seemingly paradoxical findings. One in five of IT managers think cloud risks outweigh benefits. Yet, 33% of them are already on cloud. The clue to reconcile the paradox is in another key data: just 9.4% plan of respondents planned put their mission critical applications on cloud.

The ISACA survey covered about 1500 organisations across 50 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa,

In sum, these two surveys provide a good idea on where cloud computing stands today. First, cloud is a growing reality, not just an idea, for enterprises. They are not letting their fear of security stop them. Second, they are not yet ready to put their critical tasks on the cloud. They are possibly testing waters by driving a CRM or an HR app on the cloud.


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