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EnterpriseDB brings out Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.1

Chris Mayer

Latest version improves write scalability and performance, provides flexibility and reliability with transaction-level control of synchronous replication and adds Virtual Private Database for extra security

Enterprise-class PostgreSQL
pioneers, EnterpriseDB have announced the general
availability of Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.1, the latest
version of their open-source and Oracle-focused DBMS.

The release features significant
performance enhancements, including the option to free up even more
processing power for some applications. The biggest draw for
Postgres is synchronous replication control, meaning
that the master database will wait until at least one
slave database has written the replicated transaction to disk
before continuing on with its task. This is done on a
per-transaction basis, meaning no data is lost if a master fails –
a huge plus for Postgres.

This latest version, following
on from
September’s release
 of PostgreSQL, also speeds read
performance and write scalability and enables unlogged tables for
greater performance and flexibility.

Oracle compatibility has been
expanded somewhat too, with the inclusion of the Virtual Private
Database, which creates a tiered security structure allowing
implementations that can limit what end users may

“Our newest version of Postgres
Plus Advanced Server adds new, high-end capabilities for
performance, reliability, security and scalability. With this
release we are enabling our end users to accelerate the expansion
of their Postgres Plus deployments at a price point exponentially
less than the traditional proprietary databases,” said Ed Boyajian,
president and CEO of EnterpriseDB. “These enhancements also give
new users even more reason to start looking at Postgres Plus as an
alternative for their data centers.”

There are of course
between the database servers, with Postgres Plus
Advanced Server 9.1 having .NET client support (Npgsql),
distributed caching, pgSQL debugger and Oracle

Postgres Plus Advanced Server
9.1 is available today on Linux 32 and 64 bit platforms,
Windows 32 and 64 bit platforms, HP-UX and Solaris. To learn
more about Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.1,
visit their website


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