Git to the enterprise!

Enter Kando – Accurev produce tool to offer Git to enterprise

Chris Mayer

AccuRev to release Kando to connect enterprise with git capabilities

Developer tool provider AccuRev are set to release a
connector that will allow them to utilise its enterprise features
with the highly popular Git software version control.

Next month’s Kando release will offer additional
enterprise-friendly capabilities, such as workflow, issue tracking
and integration with Microsoft Active Directory, user
authentication systems based on LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access
Protocol). It will also work in conjunction with AccuRev’s SCM
(software configuration management).

AccuRev have been savvy enough to recognise the primary need of
enterprises for Linus Torvald’s distributed control system, which
has been a revelation in the last few years.

Social coding host Github has become, far and away, the premier
choice when it comes to hosting their codebase. Git is
one of the most widely used open source source-control systems,
manages the code for such large projects
as Linux and Android. However, an issue arises for larger
enterprises shifting all their code to git from a more ancient
control system, like we have seen from Eclipse’s staggered approach
to transferring it all.

This is where Kando steps in, making it easy for
developers to work directly with Git, with changes being directed
to a back-end AccuRev server. Organisations can audit
and trace develop activity within Git but any audit changes cannot
be undone.

Lorne Cooper, CEO of AccuRev said in a

Our vision is to advance Git’s
exceptional version control performance and capabilities
in large development teams. We do that by providing transparent
integration of Git with AccuRev’s proven security and process
compliance capabilities.

With Kando, we see the opportunity to unleash Git
in enterprise software development
organisations that need to optimise their development process.

AccuRev’s vice president of marketing, Cliff
Utstein explained the reason behind creating Kando, but also
recognised the task ahead for it. He told

We’re seeing tremendous excitement in our
customer base over Git. That said, Git does have some challenges in
the enterprise, around things like security, compliance and

Kando runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and requires Java SE 6
and AccuRev 5.4 to operate. The package comes with a copy of Git,
or the organisation can install their own copy, version or

AccuRev are set to release a beta in March, although
pricing for it has yet to be set. We think the demand could be high
– many enterprises want a quick solution to adopting Git and
dumping their aging control system.

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