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Enhancing Scala Strings and Bringing Ring Support To Netty

Enhance Your Scala Strings

A new compiler plugin for adding variable interpolation and other features to Scala's string literals, has been released.

With this plugin, users can access variables from the inside of strings and evaluate Scala expressions. There is also a special syntax for formatting and reducing the lists inside of a string and conditional string formatting for boolean and scala.Option values.

Ring Gets Netty Support

Ring-Netty-Adapter does exactly what it says on the tin, adding Netty support to Ring. The project's github also provides some demos, which are the same as the ones in the Ring repository, but use Netty as the backend server instead of Jetty.

Expose Business Object Proxies to Ruby Apps

Version 1.4.1 of OpenObject On Rails (OOOR) is out now.

OOOR exposes business object proxies to Ruby apps, which map to remote OpenObject/OpenERP server using webservices. It can also be used to expose your OpenERP through REST to other consumer applications. It depends on the activeresource gem.

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