Nokia To Focus on QT – What Does It Mean for JavaME?

End of JavaME on Symbian?

Jessica Thornsby

Nokia announce Qt as their sole application development framework for Symbian.

Nokia have announced they will focus on Qt as the sole application development
framework. In a press release, Nokia stated that this will ensure
applications are compatible with the Symbian^3 platform and future
evolutions of Symbian and upcoming MeeGo products.

It will also support HTML5 for developing Web content and
applications for both the Symbian and MeeGo platforms. Nokia will
no longer refer to Symbian^3 or Symbian^4, but aim to deliver
“constant improvement in the experience of their Symbian-based
Nokia products.”

It is currently unclear what exactly this means for Java.
Software Architect at Nokia Görkem Ercan has blogged that Nokia will continue to support
JavaME on Symbian and Ovi store will continue to publish JavaME
applications. However, he reveals that Nokia’s investment in the
Java platform is due to further decrease, which will most likely
affect the JavaME roadmap. He blames the mobile world’s lack of
enthusiasm for JavaME, on Oracle and their move to sue Google over Android, combined with a pile of
legalities surrounding JavaME. This makes it seem difficult – and,
if the Google lawsuit is anything to go by – risky for mobile
companies to invest in JavaME. To him, it makes sense for Nokia to
concentrate on Qt, although he acknowledges that Nokia’s long
history with JavaME means it has an established community, and
JavaME on Symbian isn’t likely to disappear.

It seems, it is all up to the JavaME community now, as Görkem
Ercan signs off this with this message: “dear developers, it is
actually your call now, whether JavaME lives on or not. If you keep
developing good applications on JavaME and publish them on Ovi
store, it will, otherwise…”

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