Eclipse Project Proposal

EMF Store for EMFT

EMF Store has been proposed as a new Eclipse project in the Eclipse Modeling Framework Technology Project (EMFT.)

The EMF Store aims to provide a model repository for sharing instances of an EMF model.

Developers will be able to store EMF model instances alongside a version history of these instances, within the EMF Store.

File-based repositories, such as SVN or CVS, traditionally work on files with textual content. EMF Store will follow the checkout/update/commit interaction paradigm of SVN and CVS, but if a change is performed on a model instance, this change should be immediately persistent without the need to manually save the model instance to a resource. If two clients alter the same data in a model instance, EMF Store will supply interactive merge user interfaces to support users in model merging.

There will also be an offline mode, where clients do not need to connect to the repository other than to update or commit changes. EMF Store users can also enjoy supportive tooling, including an EMF Store Browser, History Browser and Model Element Editor.

EMF Store is already implemented, and the code is currently hosted at Google Code. The proposal, is for the entire code to be contributed to the Eclipse project. Please see the full project proposal, for more information.

Jessica Thornsby

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