Eclipse Project Proposal

EMF Client Platform

Jessica Thornsby

One-Click Start for Entity-Centric EMF Apps.

The EMF Client Platform (ECP) proposal has been posted at

ECP aims to provide a one-click start to the creation of an
entity-centric EMF application. Traditionally, entity centric
applications built around a EMF model have to be persisted,
versioned and shared amongst multiple clients, and require the use
of several frameworks on top of EMF. Many of these frameworks are
not specifically tailored to EMF, which can create a high entry
barrier for developers not readily familiar with Eclipse.

In addition to providing a one-click entity-centric application,
ECP aims to provide a reflective UI for arbitrary EMF instances.
This will consist of a tree-based navigator, a form-based editor
for single entities and a view for EMF validation results.
EMF-based APIs and adapters, will also come as part of the ECP

ECP also aims to provide a model workspace, where models can be
stored. Here, the developer should be able to access any EObject
using EMF-based APIs. A model repository, means the models in a
workspace can be shared amongst different clients.

The proposal acknowledges that ECP will not be able to find a
final solution for all use cases, but every component will be
customisable by extension points and replaceable by customised

ECP will use several components which currently exist as part of
the UNICASE project. These include the EDAPT-based Model Workspace,
Models Commons and Model Validation View.

Please see the project
for more information.

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