RT Packaging Project Proposed

EclipseRT-Based Packages Create New Runtime Platform

Jessica Thornsby

RTP project will create new configuration tool for extending EclipseRT-based packages.

The RT Packaging project (RTP) has been proposed
under the Eclipse Packaging Project. This project aims to utilise
existing EclipseRT technologies to create one or more packages for
setting up a runtime platform for different platforms and
architectures. Initially, the possible set of platforms will be
Debian and Ubuntu (.deb), Fedora and SuSe (.rpm), Windows (.exe)
and Mac OS X (.pkg). The project will also create a configuration
tool for building and extending the packages. This tool will be
part of the RT packaging website, and users will have the option of
including it in an RT package, to reconfigure and update the
package after downloading. The RTP project might also create more
advanced packages, which utilise additional EclipseRT

The initial contributions will be made by Equinox and Jetty, who
have created an EclipseRT starter kits, which will serve as
templates to create the first two RTP project packages.

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