Latest milestone arrives for Virgo Tooling

Eclipse Virgo Tooling reaches M4

Chris Mayer

After a short period of inactivity, Virgo Tooling reaches another milestone, bringing new enterprise-level OSGi capabilities

Following a brief period of inactivity and skipping Milestone 3
entirely to get in sync with Virgo Runtime releases, Eclipse’s
Virgo Tooling
project has reached another milestone, giving us a glimpse at what
will make up the final version eventually.

Miles Parker detailed in a blogpost
what was new within Virgo Tooling, which essentially takes aspects
of the SpringSource Tools Suite into the Eclipse environment by
integrating them into Eclipse runtime, web and plugin
development tools. This of course resulted in a tremendous amount
of work for the team in reducing ‘pesky dependencies from
Virgo to the originating Spring Source tooling’ so that Virgo was
as streamlined as possible.

A lot of the work done in M4 has been geared towards
UI enhancements, which Parker says gives ‘more transparency
and leverage into what’s actually happening on the server.’ A Virgo
perspective (below) was greatly needed to provide runtime
exploration and it was duly provided. Listening to user feedback,
there’s several new standalone views such as Outline View (quick
access to server artifacts), Artifacts Views (transparent access to
artifacts) and Server View (customisable through the Eclipse

the complete Virgo documentation set — including the
Tooling, Programmer and User’s Guide as well as the Wiki pages —
is now included as Eclipse Help. There’s also been a huge leap in
server support, as 
Virgo now
supports almost all versions and types of Virgo installs, including
older versions of Virgo and Tomcat, Jetty and Kernel

Despite numerous bug-fixes, there’s
still a large amount remaining, which is to be expected from a
project still in the early stages, so the only way to help out is
providing feedback and lending a hand. Now that all the Spring
Dependencies have been eradicated, the only way is up.

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