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Eclipse unleash EGit and JGit 1.3 and unveils Gerrit too

Chris Mayer

The Eclipse Foundation looks ready for its move to Git, with some upgraded tools now available

As all Eclipse projects are scheduled to move to Git by December
at the very latest, it’s good to know that they are doing all they
can to make the transition as seamless as possible

Long-time advocate of Git, Chris Aniszczyk announced
the latest release of EGit and JGit 1.3, the Eclipse team provider
for the Git control system and its counterpart, a Java library that
implements Git. This is the 10th release of both projects, with the
team behind it hoping to create a community within Eclipse that is
all about Git. There’s already a lot of support for these projects
with companies such as Twitter, IBM, Google and of course GitHub
solidly pledging their allegiance.

EGit has
a bunch of new stuff within it such as:

  • Branch status decoration shows number of commits
    local branch is ahead or behind remote tracking branch
  • Re-designed Import/Clone Wizard provides extension
    point to integrate with Repository providers (URI, GitHub,
  • Submodule support to clone and display
  • Branch project tracking keep track of which projects
    were opened on which branch
  • Many bug fixes

The branch status is a big leap according to Aniszczyk, who says
he’s big fan of a branch status
In regard to JGit, there’s improvements
within the Git Porcelain API and new commands adding Submodule
support. A complete list of improvements is available
in New and

This is the last release in the 1.X stream for EGit and JGit and
there will be a 2.0 release in June targeting the
Eclipse Juno simultaneous release,
with API cleanup and changes that happens.

It’s been a good week for Eclipse in terms of Git-related news
as they finally rolled out their web-based code reviewer for Git,
Gerrit. As first reported on InfoQ,
Gerrit is
already widely used by the EGit team (even before it became widely
available) and should become integral to many Eclipse projects as
they make the transfer to the control system. 

Aniszczyk said of the release:

It’s satisifying to see this finally be rolled out as a
few of us committers have been pushing on this for the past couple
of years as a way to modernize the Eclipse infrastructure. We
have been piloting Gerrit for quite awhile in the EGit and JGit
projects and have been very pleased with it. It’s great that
Eclipse committers now have a convenient way of doing code reviews
using Git if they wish to add that workflow for their

The groundwork has been done, now we wait to see the benefits to

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