Quick turnaround for EclipseSource project

Eclipse RAP mobile 0.5.7 released

Chris Mayer

Another update for the native Java mobile toolkit – bringing some nifty freehand drawing techniques

You can’t really fault the Eclipse RAP mobile team for wanting
to deploy as many updates as possible, as they charge towards a
stable version. Less than a month has passed since the
last update
but the team have brought us another with Eclipse
RAP mobile 0.5.7.

The iOS and Android toolkit gets an additional feature this time
round – Client Canvas. The extension of the SWT canvas establishes
basic freehand drawing options allowing you to sketch on the
stylus. Fairly standard drawing options, akin to the kind you’d
find in Draw Something such as color, brush size and opacity,
are included and fortunately, the team have provided a dot-to-dot

 to show how Client Canvas works. As you’ll notice
before it has a certain Sesame Street theme…

Other big changes include support for various SWT Shell style
flags, and the Android browser being brought up to the level of its
counterpart iOS, through fully supporting the Browser SWT widget.
This means you can see full websites or snippets within the RAP
mobile application. We’re glad Android has been brought up to par
in this respect.

RAP mobile is an EclipseSource commercial project aiming
to make it possible to write an app entirely in Java using popular
Java IDEs, without the need for cross-compiling. After growing
tired of HTML, this native iOS and Android toolkit aims to make it
easy to render UIs with Java’s performance benefits behind it. It
also dovetails nicely with other Eclipse projects
Equinox, EMF, Birt, CDO, EclipseLink and Virgo, for

For more information on the release, check out the
blogpost on the EclipseSource site
 - you can see how far
the project has come since February certainly.

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