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Eclipse RAP mobile 0.5.6 released

Chris Mayer

Yet another release for Eclipse RAP, as they head towards a big version.

Around two weeks on from their last update, the Eclipse RAP
mobile team have announced their latest release for the iOS and
Android widget toolkit, in Eclipse RAP mobile

The updates are coming thick and fast for the multi-platform
SWT-based toolkit, with some new features appearing in both
versions of the mobile client. Now RAP mobile is capable of
handling client-side non-UI objects to model the local capabilities
of your phone or tablet. The team developed a geolocation object to
support the GPS receivers in mobile devices to demonstrate how this

Another demo named ‘Dashboard’ has surfaced as well, which
is derived from a German open information project that graphically
displays information about delays in national rail traffic. Both
are well worth checking out to learn deft tricks with the

Solely for Android, there’s the inclusion
of the Canvas and GC (graphical
context) APIs which progress things a lot for green droid
developers and allow a degree of flexibility when creating
individual UI elements within a widget.

To check out the full release, read more
. Don’t forget to
it too to get creative with your mobile apps.

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