Jubula Functional Testing Tool Proposal Posted

Eclipse Project for Automated Acceptance Tests

Jessica Thornsby

Jubula sets out to allow acceptance tests to be written from the user perspective.

A proposal for the Jubula
Functional Testing Tool
project has been posted.

This project aims to ensure that automated acceptance tests
adhere to the same best practices as the project code without
requiring any code to be produced. This would have the positive
effects of improving accessibility for customers who wish to
monitor the tests, and allowing acceptance tests to be written from
the user perspective, therefore minimising the level of test
maintenance required.

Jubula test creation will be achieved via a platform and
application independent library of actions which can be arranged
using drag and drop. Working with the Jubula library should ensure
that tests are executed as soon as the code is committed. The
project will consist of tooling for automated GUI testing on Java
and HTML based apps and an API for generating test scenarios,
executing automated tests and retrieving the results of those
tests. It will also ship with a variety of plugins for tasks such
as specifying and maintaining test scenarios, and testing Swing,
SWT, RCP, GEF and HTML based applications. Jubula users will also
be able to specify and maintain a model for test specifications and
a persistence layer for the model elements.

Jubala will use EclipseLink as a persistence layer, and will
integrate with Mylyn, JDT and WDT. The initial code contribution
will come from BREDEX GmbH and their commercial GUIdancer tool.
This contribution will consist of the core functionality of
GUIdancer, although some code developed using third-party libraries
or developed under a NDA will be removed prior to the donation.
BREDEX will continue working on the project, with all the proposed
initial committers coming from BREDEX.

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