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Eclipse Luna 4.4: the one week countdown is on

Lucy Carey

Primed and ready for Java 8 and with a host of zippy new dev tools including ‘dark’ theme, Luna is almost upon us.


The countdown until Eclipse Luna 4.4 – the
default platform for building rich client applications – is
officially on, with T-minus one week to go until the Java 8 ready
release is fully ready to go.

Earlier this year, the Eclipse IDE platform was
fully updated and to support the newly released Java SE 8.

Daniel Megert
, Project Manager of Java
Development Tools (JDT) at the Eclipse Foundation, wrote that
updates consisted of an Eclipse compiler which implements all the
new language extensions, retooling of features such as Search and
refactoring, and also Quick Assist and Clean Up functionality to
replace anonymous classes by lambda expressions, and vice versa, as
well as new Formatter Options for lambda expressions.

Along with support for Java development tools,
Luna comes with Plug-in development
, object
, the Eclipse Communication
, Maven
, Xtext
and Xtend.
Besides these add-ins, the Eclipse compiler includes language
enhancements, search and refactoring, Quick Assist and Clean Up to
migrate anonymous classes to lambda expressions and back, and new
formatter options for lambdas.

That’s not all: hold on to your hats, because
there’s also a new dark theme which
incorporates syntax highlighter settings for a host of programming
languages. It’s also furnished with  split editors, line
numbers on by default, reduced whitespace in default presentation,
and ability to hide the “quick access” bar.

The have also been updates to the
Eclipse Communication
Project’s (ECF)
implementation of OSGi Remote Service/Remote Service Admin to
support the use of Java 8’s CompletableFuture for asynchronous
remote services.

If you’re too impatient to wait for the official drop, you
can get tinkering with the official release candidate (RC1) for
Eclipse Luna
. There’s also a series of dedicated
Eclipse Luna DemoCamps taking place around the world. You can
check here
to see if there’s one coming into your local orbit

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