A spot of festive cheer from Eclipse

Eclipse Juno 3.8/4.2 edges ever closer with Milestone 4

Chris Mayer

Eclipse Milestone 4 now allows Annotation based Null Analysis.

With last week’s anticipation building over the projects
boarding for the Juno release train, the Eclipse and Equinox teams
have brought another festive gift with the 3.8 and 4.2 version
reaching Milestone 4 – with the team getting excited over the
addition of annotation-based Null Analysis

Aside from the return of the Welcome screen, the preliminary
work on both the Capabilities / Activities implementation has been
done thus leaving the team in good shape to be ready for 2012.

Improvements have also been made to the Java Development Tools
(JDT), most notably the ability to perform enhanced
inter-procedural null analysis

Other add-ons include PDE custom
target locations. To provide a custom location, you must
implement ITargetLocation and extend the
extension pointorg.eclipse.pde.core.targetLocations. There
is also the new TreeCursor class which can be
used to enable users to navigate
Tree control’s individual cells, similar to
what TableCursor makes possible
for Table controls.

This is just scratching at the surface
of Milestone 4, and the
New and Noteworthy
section details further enhancements, and
you can download it here. We can
expect Milestone 5 on January 27, with hopefully more Juno
abilities released.

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