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Eclipse IWG Polarsys gets public face with new website

After a few months lurking in the background (probably putting together the final touches), Eclipse's latest open source industry collaboration, Polarsys has revealed itself fully to the world by launching a blog.

The industry working group (IWG), featuring global firms such as Airbus, Obeo and Thales, will seek to build and maintain long-term tool chains for safety-critical embedded systems, ranging between 30-70 years in their lifecycle that are incredibly dependable.

There's a pretty wide spectrum of industries represented within the 17-strong committee, with companies in the aerospace, defence, transportation, telecommunications and healthcare sectors all represented. These include Airbus (who launched the super community), Astrium Satellites, ATOS, CEA, CS (Communication & Systèmes), Ericsson, IRIT (Institut de recherche en informatique de Toulouse), Inria, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Obeo, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Tecnalia, Thales and Xipp.

Polarsys is currently open to any organisation keen on helping the group meet their goals. The project has been in the works for several years, with a desire to expand on an already fairly successful ecosystem for the aerospace industry, and as the blog states in its mission statement:

Our community is strong in the aerospace and telecommunications industries, but we expect to develop it in energy, automotive, health care, ...
Things are still under definition, so this is the right time to step in the community 
and to participate to its construction. 

The blog's main purpose appears to be as a sort of marketplace for the group to inform and exchange information, and also to publicise activity regarding latest developments. Following on from a meeting of some key committers yesterday, Polarsys now has a charter detailing all the salient information about the group, a Twitter account (@polarsys) and a wiki page.

Stay tuned for interviews in the coming days with some of the key players within Polarsys, which were conducted by our sister publication Eclipse Magazin. Polarsys' is certainly a super open source community worth keeping an eye on - we're fairly certain that some of the work going on behind the scenes could be affect us all in the long-run.

Chris Mayer

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