Eclipse M6 Packages

Eclipse Helios M6 Packages Now Available

Jessica Thornsby

Eclipse Helios M6 Packages are now available to download.

These packages include a SDK, developer tools and source code,
plus Mylyn, an XML editor, the Eclipse Communication Framework, and
connectors for GIT and CVS, for developers wishing to create
Eclipse plug-ins, Rich Client or Rich Ajax Applications.

There is also a modeling package containing EMF, GMF, MDT
XSD/OCL/UML2, M2M, M2T, and EMFT elements, in addition to an SDK,
developer tools and source code. Please note that the Modeling
package includes some incubating components.

Other packages, include an Eclipse SOA Platform package, an
Eclipse IDE for Java and Report Developers, and the Pulsar tools
platform for Mobile Developers.

For a full list of Helios M6 Packages, please see the Eclipse

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