Project Paho and Koneki gets industry-wide backing

Eclipse formally reveal names within M2M working group

Chris Mayer

IBM, Sierra Wireless, Eurotech and Axeda form initial members of M2M IWG

After Eclipse’s November announcement of their
colloboration with Sierra Wireless
to drive forward the push
for machine to machine technology (M2M), Ian Skerrett revealed that
the industry working group had been formally created – ushering in
IBM, Eurotech and Axeda into the fold.

Eclipse have long courted the idea of furthering the emerging
M2M market, with two proposals this year targeting the
area. Koneki and Paho were both
proposed this year – aiming to create open source M2M IDE and
tooling solutions for developers to smooth the process of creating
for the pioneering technology as it will undoubtedly see growth
going into 2012.

The first order of business? The roadmap, which has already been
set out in draft
, details the purpose of the IWG and the ultimate goals for

The M2M IWG recognises that there are a large number of M2M
solution domains, in many industries, poised for rapid growth. That
growth, fueled by increasing wireless bandwidth, and expanded
connectivity, will also bring new opportunities to bridge physical
world events from sensors, actuators and other types of devices,
into Enterprise and Web applications.

Market growth is hindered by incompatible platforms and
protocols that require developers to continually reinvent solutions
that have already been created. Sensor and other device data is
often sequestered in dedicated M2M systems, and not readily
accessible by other applications and systems. This situation slows
innovation and creates maintenance and upgrade problems as
deployments evolve over time. The Industry Working Group believes
the creation of open tools, open protocols, open interfaces and
open APIs is the best approach to addressing these problems,
bringing tremendous value to the M2M ecosystem.

The working group’s basic principles include ‘encouraging
participation’ and to ‘promote both a bottom-up and top-down
approach to driving M2M open source projects’ instigated by the
focus on ‘architecture, frameworks, and samples/examples
supporting the tooling and runtimes projects’ to drive home the
message to the community.

The first 12-18 months will hopefully establish the
principles of the IWG and the basic open source projects. The

for the M2M IWG details much of this in further

The first face-to-face meeting for the group will be at IBM’s
Hursley Lab
on January 31st, hopefully furthering the
discussion and finalising that road map. The working group is open
to Eclipse Foundation members and are encouraged to introduce
themselve on the mailing list.


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