Eclipse 4.0 SDK Coming in July

Jessica Thornsby

Selected e4 components to move out of incubation prior to Eclipse 4.0 SDK release.

John Arthorne has announced plans for the forthcoming Eclipse 4.0

This SDK will combine components from the Eclipse Platform,
Java Development
, PHP Development Tools, Equinox,
Communication Framework
, and Eclipse Modeling
projects, with the e4 components required to build
the Eclipse 4.0 SDK. It will be released under the moniker of
Eclipse 4.0 SDK, with no e4 labelling, as it incorporates plugins
from several Eclipse sub-projects which exist outside of the e4

CSS Styling, Modeled Workbench, and some of the core e4
programming model infrastructure will move out of the incubator
prior to the Eclipse 4.0 SDK release. This will ensure that the SDK
only depends on graduated components.

SWT Browser Edition, _javascript_ modularity, XWT, Toolkit
Model, Bespin Server, and the new e4 resources work around semantic
file systems will remain in the incubator. These components will be
periodically assessed for graduation. The e4 components that remain
in the incubator will be released simultaneously with the Eclipse
top-level project’s 4.0 release. e4 incubator builds will continue
to run, in addition to Eclipse project 4.0 stream builds, until the
Eclipse project Helios release is completed.

Eclipse 4.0 SDK has previously been made available as part of
the e4 M5
. The team are currently aiming for a July release for
Eclipse 4.0 SDK.

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