New Milestone for Indigo

Eclipse 3.7 M7 Released

Jessica Thornsby

New functionality for importing and exporting software configuration in Eclipse.

The seventh milestone of Eclipse 3.7 has been
announced. Eclipse 3.7 M7 adds functionality for importing and
exporting software configuration:

Some major bugs have been solved when it comes to creating
patches, including enhanced error reporting, so users are now
notified about meaningful errors coming from the server. The tree
in the Create Patch wizard will also present and select all
changes, in an attempt to prevent duplicated entries, and
unselected or missing nodes in the patch wizard tree from resulting
in patch content loss. There is also a column showing branches in
the History view when using CVS:

When contributing a launch shortcut, users have all of the
variables from the platform evaluation context available, whereas
previously only the current selection in the workspace was
available. More information on this release, can be found at the
New & Noteworthy.

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