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eBay Open Source SOA Platform and Key Eclipse Indigo Dates

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, first beta of Apache MyFaces Trinidad Core 2.0.0.

First Beta of Apache MyFaces Trinidad Core

The first beta release of Apache MyFaces Trinidad Core 2.0.0 has been announced.
Apache MyFaces Trinidad Core provides a JavaServer Faces 2.0
component library, and this release adds a TreeModel decorator,
include-property in CSS, and skin versioning. Per page state saving
settings are now allowed, and there is a list of bug fixes. Please
see the Release Notes for more information.

jAlarms Splits in Three for 1.5.2 Release

Version 1.5.2 of the jAlarms alarm system for Java server
applications, has been released. jAlarms can notify users about
events in an application, using channels such as email, MSN, SMS
and Twitter. Starting with this version, jAlarms has been split
into three modules. These are ‘core’ which contains the core
classes, along with some channels that have no external
dependencies; ‘channels,’ containing channel implementations and
classes which need external dependencies; and ‘aop’ which contains
the classes and annotations needed to use jAlarms in an AOP manner.
The project can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Eclipse Indigo Dates for Your Diary

Are you a committer for a project in the Indigo release train?
Wayne Beaton has posted some important dates for Eclipse Indigo, including
the deadlines for project plans and contribution questionnaires.
The release review will run from June 1st-8th, 2011.

New Release of Apache OFBiz is Open For

The Apache Open For Business Project (Apache OFBiz) have
announced version 10.04 of their software package containing
eCommerce, ERP, and CRM functionality. In terms of user experience,
this release adds stylesheets, online help and layout improvements.
Bank reconciliation support, fixed asset depreciation, FIFO/LIFO
costing methods and new financial reports have also been added.

eBay Open Source SOA Platform

eBay have open sourced their Turmeric Java-based SOA
. Turmeric is a platform for developing, deploying,
securing, running and monitoring SOA services and consumers. It
provides a Repository Service for registration and governance, a
Type Library for defining and managing reusable schema type
definitions across services, and an Error Library that allows users
to define and re-use error definitions across services. The current
release is 0.9.0 Beta.

Basho Add-On Reaches 0.14

Version 0.14 of the Riak Search Basho add-on
has been released. Riak Search facilitates distributed indexing and
querying for Riak and Riak EnterpriseDS. This release rewrites the
query parsing and planning system, and fixes some query planning
bugs. The query parser has been fixed to properly respect
field-level analyser settings, and new dynamic fields have been
added to the default schema.

Second Release for Apache Chemistry

Version 0.2.0 of the Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS has been released from the
Apache Incubator. This is the second release for the OpenCMIS
collection of libraries, frameworks and tools. Version 0.2.0 adds a
client side Java GUI for browsing CMIS repositories, and fixes a
list of bugs. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

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